Admission Enquiry 2020-2021

An Autonomous Institute & Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

Accredited by NACC with A+ Grade with 3.34 CGPA on 4 point scale

(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra)

DTE Code : 6176

  • Governing Body

    Sr. No. Name of Member Organization Designation in GB
    1 Mr. Sunil Raisoni Chairman RGI Chairman
    2 Mr. Ajit Tatiya Trustee RGI Member
    3 Mr. Ashwin Pande Director HR RGI Member
    4 Mrs. Bhagyashri Saoji CA RGI Member
    5 Dr. Y. P. Nerkar Principal, PVG College of Engg,Pune SP Pune University Nominee
    6 Dr. Onkar Singh Professor, Harcourt, Butler Technical University, Kanpur UGC Nominee
    7 Awaited DTE DTE Nominee
    8 Dr. Swagatam Das Associate Professor,Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Member
    9 Mr. Shridhar Diwan Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft, Hyderabad Member
    10 Dr. S. S. Thipse Sr. Dy. Director, Power Train Engg.(PTE), ARAI, Pune Member
    11 Mr. Tushar Sankhe AI & Automation Competency Head, Tech-Mahindra, Pune Member
    12 Mr. Ajay Nerlekar DGM ERC, Tata Motors, Pune Member
    13 Mr. Uday V. Marathe Sr. Plant Manager, Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd, Pune Member
    14 Mr. C. P. Jawale Sup. Engineer, Head Metro Project, PDW Pune Member
    15 Dr. Parag Kulkarni CEO, iKnowlation Research Lab, Pune Member
    16 Dr. S. S. Gokhale Formerly Dean-IIT Madras, Advisor RGI Invitee
    17 Dr. N. U. Korde Dean Academics, GHRIET Pune Member
    18 Dr. N. B. Hulle Dean Academics, GHRIET Pune Member
    19 Mr. A. D. Bhoi HOD E&TC & IQAC Coordinator Member
    20 Dr. R. D. Kharadkar Principal, GHRIET Pune Member Secretary
  • Academic Council

    Sr. No. Name of Member Designation in Academic Council Designation & Organization
    1 Dr. R.D. Kharadkar Chairman Principal, GHRIET Pune
    2 Dr. B.B. Ahuja Member, University Nominee Diretcor, College of Engineering, Pune
    3 Dr. A. D. Shaligram Member, University Nominee Director, Board of Examination and Evaluation, SP Pune University
    4 Dr. Aditya Abhyankar Member, University Nominee Dean, Department of Technology, SP Pune University
    5 Dr. C. G. Gokhale Member, GB Nominee Dean, SCOM, NICMAR, Pune
    6 Mr. P.M. Kurulkar Member, GB Nominee Director, R&D Establishment (Engrs), DRDO Dighi, Pune
    7 Mr. Prashant Kulkarni Member, GB Nominee Head, Design Section, Thermax Global Ltd., Pune
    8 Dr. Parag Kulkarni Member, GB Nominee CEO & Chief Scientist, Kvinna, knowledge embedded in innovation, Pune
    9 Dr. V.M. Panchade Member, Head, Electrical Engineering Professor, Electrical Engg. GHRIET
    10 Dr. A.M. Thakare Member, Head, Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor, Mechanical Engg., GHRIET
    11 Mr. A.D. Bhoi Member, Head, Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. Assistant Professor, E & Tc. Engg., GHRIET
    12 Mr. S.G. Ban Member, Head, Civil Engg. Assistant Professor, Civil Engg., GHRIET
    13 Mrs. Rachana Sable Member, Head , Comp & IT Assistant Professor, Computer Engg., GHRIET
    14 Dr. Vandana Dureja Member, Head, First Year Engg. Associate Professor, Chemistry, GHRIET
    15 Dr. N.U. Korde Member, College Representative Dean Academics
    16 Dr. N.B. Hulle Member, College Representative Dean Administration
    17 Dr. Asha Shendage Member, College Representative Dean R& D.
  • College Development Committee

    Sr.No. Name of Member Organization Position
    1 Mr. Sunil Raisoni Chairman, GHREMF Chairman
    2 Mr. Ajit Tatiya Director : RGI Pune Campus Member
    3 Dr. S. K. Panigrahi Professor, DIAT, Pune Member
    4 Mr. Raghu Nair Training Head - Forbes Marshall, Pune Member
    5 Dr. Sanjay Kadam Joint Director, CDAC, Pune Member
    6 Dr. V. M. Panchade Head, Electrical Engg. Department Member
    7 Dr. N. U. Korde Vice Principal (Academics) Member
    8 Dr. N. B. Hulle Vice Principal (Administration) Member
    9 Mrs. R. Y. Sable Head, Comp Engg. Member
    10 Prof. A. D. Bhoi Coordinator, IQAC Member
    11 Mr. Varun Salunkhe Design Engineer, KSPG Automotive India , Member
    Pvt. Ltd. Pune & Member of ISKCON
    12 Mr. B. M. Lokhande Administrative Officer Non-Teaching Staff Representative Member
    13 Mr. Himanshu Deshmukh Student Nominee Member
    14 Dr. R. D. Kharadkar Principal, GHRIET, Pune Member Secretary

    Sr.No. Name of Member Position
    1 Dr. R.D. Kharadkar Chairman
    2 Dr. N.U. Korde Coordinator
    3 Dr. V.M. Panchade Member
    4 Mr. S.G. Ban Member
    5 Mrs. Sarika Khope Member
    6 Mr. Ashok Kokne Member
    7 Mrs. Vanita Raut Member
    8 Mr. Ganesh Yadhav Member
    9 Mr. Sachin Pise Member
    10 Awaited Police Nominee
    11 Mr. Mahesh Nawale Member
    12 Mr. Vilas Suryawanshi Member
    13 Mrs. Vaishali Chande Member
    14 Mr. Chetan Patil Member
    15 Mr. Aniket Annadate Member

    Sr.No. Name of Member Organization
    1 Dr. Ms. Asha Shendage Chairman
    2 Prof. Sarika Khope Member
    3 Prof. A.D. Bhoi Member
    4 Prof. P. N. Korde Member
    5 Prof. V.Y. Baviskar Member
    6 Mrs. Sadhna Thakur Member
    7 Mr. Balu Lokhande Member
    8 Ms. Rupa Patil NGO Nominee
    9 Ms. Snehal Pathare Student Nominee
  • Grievance Redressal Committee

    Sr.No. Name of Faculty Contact No. Email-id Designation in Committee
    01 Dr. N.U. Korde 9890031392 Chairman
    02 Mr. N.B. Hulle 7774083214 Member
    03 Mrs. V.Y. Baviskar 9420482866 Member Secretary
  • College Discipline Committee

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
    1 Prof. S.G. Ban Chairman
    2 Dr. V.M. Panchade Member
    3 Dr. N.U. Korde Member
    4 Dr. N.B. Hulle Member
    5 Prof. P.N. Korde Member
    6 Dr. Darshana Inamdar Member
    7 Prof. A.D. Bhoi Member
    8 Prof. R. Y. Sable Member
    9 Dr. A.M. Thakare Member
    10 Prof. Shital Shinde Member
    11 Prof. Sandip Chavan Member
    12 Prof. Yogini Borole Member
    13 Prof. Pramol Waychal Member
    14 Prof. Vanita Raut Member
    15 Prof. A.S. Kokne Member
    16 Dr. Mallikarjun Patil Member
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