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International Journal Of Research
Published Yearly by G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pune
Volume-I | Issue-I | February 2012
Sr no Title of the Paper Authors Name
1. Mining Classification Rules from Database by Using Artificial Neural Network Mrs. S. V. Shinde and Dr. U.V. Kulkarni
2. Information Security Using Wireless Devices Mrs. J. V. Gadekar, Mr. Satyajit Vetal and Mrs. Rajni K. Bedi
3. Novel Algorithm for VLOB IRIS Code Database Organization and Adaptive Searching For IRIS Code Similarity Mr. Pankaj Agarkar and Dr. S. N. Talbar
4. Survey of Probability Distribution For Discrete- Event System Simulation Mr. Pankaj Agarkar and Dr. S. N. Talbar
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