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International Journal Of Research
Published Yearly by G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pune
Volume-II | Issue-I | February 2013

Sr no Title of the Paper Authors Name
1. Multi-variant Job Scheduling Using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Pradeep Chatterjee
2. A Review and Comparative Study of Routing Protocols for VANET Ms. Vimmi A. Gajbhiye, Prof. Ratnaprabha W. Jasutkar
3. Improving Tiled Bitmap Algorithm for Detection and Analysis of Tampered Database Mr. G.N.Dhanokar, Mr.C.D.Badgujar
4. Voice Segmentation without Voice Recognition Dr. S. A. Sadanand
5. Tutorial on Incremental Learning Ms. Preeti Mulay
6. Tutorial on DECISION TREES Mr. Pramod Patil
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