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International Journal Of Research
Published Yearly by G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pune
Volume-IV | Issue-I | February 2016
Sr no Title of the Paper Authors Name
1. Hybird Conversational Recommender System using Q-learning Ms. Poonam Thorat, Mrs. Sunbita Barve
2. Q-Learning Based Model For Estimating Optimal Policy in Sequential Decision Tasks Mr. Pramod Patil, Dr.Parag Kulkarni, Mr. Ankur Verma
3. Distorted Fingerprint Matching Performance Improvement Based on Fuzzy Logic Ms. Shubhangi Ingale, Dr. Ayesha Bhutalia
4. Document Similarity Using Vertex Similarity Measure Ms. Sheetal Sonavane
5. Machines with Intelligent Senses Er. Karma Puri, Dr. Preeti Mullay
6. An Overview of Graph Theory in Document Classification Mr. Vaibhav Khatavkar
7. Recent Trends in Machine Learning Mr. Mayur Dhote
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