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International Journal Of Research
Published Yearly by G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pune
Volume-V | Issue-I | February 2016
Sr no Title of the Paper Authors Name
1. Text Analytics of the Web Posts' Comments Using Sentiment Analysis Mr. Naresh Kumar R. M. Mr. Shubham Jagtap and, Mr. Akshay Thorat
2. Folder Locking Mechanism using Multi - Biometric Cryptosystemon Client Server Configuration Mr. Pramod Patil, Dr.Parag Kulkarni, Mr. Ankur Verma
3. Designing an Enery Efficient Load Balancing Routing Protocol for MANET Ms. Madhuri Shinde, Dr. Shitalkumar Jain
4. Cuckoo Search Based Enery Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Network Mr. Soumitra Das, Dr. Barani S., Mr. Sanjeev Wagh, Dr. S. S. Sonavane
5. Enhance Mobility and QoS Aware Anycast Routing in MANET Ms. Komal R. Badhe, Dr. Shital Kumar Jain
6. Tutorial on Captcha and Audio Based Captcha Mr. Bhandari M. A., Ms. Shubhangi Suryawanshi
7. Tutorial on General Comparisn of FFT Algorithm Ms. Yogini Borole, Dr. C. G. Dethe
8. Tutorial on Smart Solid Waste Concept Design Ms. Shital S. Shinde, Elza A. Abraham
9. Case Study: Accidents at Unmanned Level Crossings Mr. Akash Jha , Mr. Aman Kumar Singh, Ms. Sakshi Bhalerao, Mr. Onkar Kasale, Mr. Nilesh Dherange, Mr. Tanishq Punwatkar
10. Case Study: National Disaster Mitigation Plan Mr. Sharanu Rampure, Mr. Swapnil Jadhav, Mr. Rahul Jasud, Mr. Paras Mane, Ms. Mrunal Patil, Ms. Shrutika Gurav
11. Case Study: Smart Solution for Providing Commentary of Exibits in Museum in India Mr. Sumedh Palande, Mr. Akash Mundada, Ms. Harshita Suryawanshi, Ms. Jagruti Patole, Mr. Rahul Singh
12. Case Study: Application for Mapping of Trekking Routes in Himalayas giving details of Accomodation facilities, Banks, Real Time Information on Weather and other Relevant Information Required for Trekkers Mr. Tejas Patil, Mr. Amol Shinde, Ms. Amruta Maindagri, Mr. Ashish Raut , Mr. Mayur Saptal, Mr. Niranjan Gadekar
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