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International Journal Of Research
Published Yearly by G.H.Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology,Pune
Sr. No Title of the Paper Author Name
1 An Innovative Approach of Graph Representation and Traversal to Build a Secure and Scalable Data Storage System in the Cloud Mr. Subhash Chandra Patel and Mr. Vibhaj Rajan
2 RFID Based Smart Card using IoT Mr. Kshijit Zope Mr. Pranjal Sondkar Prof. Nitin Deotale
3 A Comparative Study of Classification Techniquesin Image Processing Mr. Sagar Gaikwad
4 Connectuniv: An Application Bridging the Gap between the Students and the University Mrs. Mrs. Rachana Sable and Mr. Jitender Kumar Sharma
5 Texture Fault Detection Techniques: Comparative Study and Review Mr. Nilesh T. Deotale Dr. Munir Sayyad
6 IOT Based Payment System Mr. Abhijeet Nair Ms. Akanksha Singh
7 A Tutorial on Ethical Hacking Mr. Keertikeya Gupta
8 A Tutorial on Machine Learning Ms. Farhana K. sayeda Ms. Madhuri Salunkhe
9 A Case Study on Cyber Forensics Mr. Abhijit Joshi
10 A Case Study on Smart Classroom Ms. Jyoti Chauhan Mr. Puneet Goswami
11 Article on Cryptocurrency Mining Rampage Throttles Linux Machines - An Analysis By Quick Heal Security Labs Mr. Amar Patil
12 Article on Cyber Security Predictions: What To Expect In 2018 Ms. Rajiv Singha
13 Article on Machine Learning Approach For Advanced Threat Hunting Ms. Ajay Shinde
14 Article on "Troldesh's" - One More Variant in the Encryption Offender Mr. Gulamgaus Shaikh
15 White Paper on Machine Learning In Digital Security Abhijit Kulkarni Harshad Bhujbal
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